Socialism – back to zero

We cannot bear capitalism any longer:
· export boom of VW to China
· dreadful fog over Beijing
· calamitous fog over London
· 9-15 °C warmer in USA by the end of this century

Since traditional socialism has failed we must

go back to zero

Up till now, the main focus of interest was on three groups of people promoting the socialist case:
– people being compassionate with the oppressed
– people envisaging a society without oppressed
– people with neither, just drawing rules from both and administrating them on everybody

Forgotten have been
– people who dodged and jeopardised capitalism by just enjoying life

That’s the new start continuing the forgotten socialist tradition of Rosa Luxemburg, Bertolt Brecht, and Che Guevara.

How to live off capitalism

Enjoy life the right way, e.g.:
Ø Lie down whenever you feel tired.
Ø Perambulate when you feel like.
Ø Feel your life.
Ø Move as your senses tell you.

You feel best
– in kinship
– when you organise yourself according to your simple needs
– in devolution
– in self-sufficiency
– in sharing resources with others instead of trading
– in co-operatives instead of competition
– in self-determination
In short: in democracy

Your comments? In whatever language you like.


Why the revolution of the bourgeois society by the left
didn’t succeed by now

Because there is no longer a coherent, self-confident working class. It has been split into social climbers and workers who just want to have a good/simple/primitive life. The working class didn’t spread to other oppressed people (such as women, children, precarious, refugees).

Because the potential subjects of a revolution mostly lived by identification and not by identity. They lacked authenticity.

Because mostly personal identity didn’t mean satisfaction of sensuous needs, but sublimation of oppressed sensuous needs into civilisation and culture, into bourgeoisie (which the oppressed had wanted to overcome). The bourgeoisie is less happy than the “primitive”.

Do the left appear happy anyhow?
Do they exude love of life?
If no, they are not attractive.